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"My blood pressure went from 147/94 and I just checked it this morning and it was 111/70, no medications."

-Timothy Chestnut

Maria is a busy professional with irregular hours who tried other programs in the past with little to no success.

She struggled with her weight because of her schedule and poor eating habits and was looking for accountability.

She lost 24 pounds, has more energy, and loves her body's new shape.

She realized she needed to make an investment in her health and prioritize herself to get the results she wanted.

I'm so proud of how far Maria has come and excited to see where she goes from here.

Toni joined my program after years of yo-yo dieting and frustration with always gaining any weight she would lose back and never being able to reach her goals.

She struggled with self-doubt. People pleasing.

Sacrificing her happiness and life's purpose to please others, never doing for herself.

She questioned the process in the beginning because of the fear this program would be just like every other one she ever tried.

Toni finally realized it wasn’t like anything she’s tried before and it wasn’t all about the food and the exercise, it was so much more.

A little more than halfway through the program a switch was flipped and she regained her power.

She began to do things that made HER happy.

She still does some things for others, but she makes sure she does for herself so she has more to give.

I’m extremely proud of how far Toni has come and she’s not finished yet!

Kim wanted to lose some weight and become healthy.

She struggled with taking time for herself and would take care of the needs of her family before her own.

Kim finally decided it was time to put herself first and invest in herself to do something that will improve her health.

She likes the accountability the program gives her and began to enjoy doing the workouts and looks forward to them.

Kim, I'm so proud of what you have accomplished in a little over 3 weeks and can't wait to see where you go from here!

Sayra joined the Elite Coaching Program 5 months ago looking to lose some weight and become healthy.

Along with wanting to lose weight Sayra was suffering from depression and a lack of self-worth.

She was dealing with a lot of family issues that had her feeling not good enough and guilty for wanting to take care of herself.

She was made to feel that she had to take care of everyone else before herself draining her energy and feeling depressed.

The change in Sayra from the first time we met is amazing! She has learned to love herself and prioritize her own self-care.

She is now able to set healthy boundaries to protect her physical, mental, and emotional health.

Sayra has more energy to live the life she has always wanted and can give more of herself to her son.

I’m so very proud of all the hard work and dedication she has shown!

Dominique is an entrepreneur who has started her own business in Real Estate.

She hesitated to reach out at first because she thought all I did was physical transformation and didn't need that, but needed mental transformation with mindset shifts.

Dominique struggled with overwhelm, self-doubt, lack of clarity and certainty.

I am extremely proud of how far she has come in just a short 2 months gaining structure, clarity, certainty, and confidence in herself.

She realizes now that taking care of herself and putting herself first is not selfish and doesn't mean she's a bad mother.

She knows it actually makes her a better mother, better daughter, and better entrepreneur.

Doug is a family physician and a physician executive serving as Vice President, Chief Health Officer of Meritus Health in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Doug joined my coaching program to lose some weight, but more importantly to help him be more mindful of his physical, mental, and emotional health while working very busy and stressful days during the pandemic.

He was able to manage those stressful days with the tools he learned during the program while also losing 12 pounds and 20 pounds overall.

He can now use those tools in all aspects of his life moving forward.

Very proud of you Doug!!


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